Developing Bonds Liquidity in the Middle-East Region since 1997.

Bonds Markets.

Sovreign Bonds Trading: Egypt, UAE, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait...

Banks Corporate Bonds Trading: UAE, Qatar, Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait...

Corporate Bonds Trading: UAE, Saudi-Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait...

Sukuks GCC and Asia: We are a specialist in illiquid Sukuks Trading.

High Yield, Distressed Debt, Structured Products.

Our Business: Bonds.

Our Bonds Trading analysis permits the investor to have a focused view in how to approach the Middle-East market. It offers liquidity to enter the market and make profits through an independent trader view.

Our Strength lies in our love and dedication for our job.
Simply, we are focused Bonds Traders in a highly volatile
Middle-East Region. Hedging, Arbitrage and Interest Rates
Structured Products are our Multi-Dimentional Approaches
to the Bonds Market. On a daily basis we strive to develop
 our Analysis and Knowledge of the Bonds Market.

We are Bonds Trading Specialist in Egypt, UAE, Qatar, Saudi-Arabia, Kuwait.
Bonds Trading
Corporate Bonds

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